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SEO-Management Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Website Design.

The first priority, if you wish to have high page rankings in SERPs ( Search engine results page(s)) is to ensure that your website has all the classic features of an ideal website for search engine optimisation.


These are often overlooked but are the foundation of all search engine optimisation. Make sure that these Meta-Tags are optimised to give the highest ' yield ' when a search engine crawler visits your website. The important Meta-Tags are the Title, Description and Key Words. Also Robot software is an important factor for revisits by web crawlers. Make sure you pay attention to these and visit the websites I have listed which will give you lots of help and information.

The body of the web page.

The body of your website contains all the information that the web crawlers seek out for storage on the servers of all major search engines. Fill it with good quality information about your website subject and it will pay dividends.

Website Images

Images are NOT search engine friendly!  'Flash ' graphics with text cannot be read by search engines!

If you have lots of graphics and flash images then the best thing is to scrap the lot and use a text only website. However, where a website is predominantly image based, then this is impractical but, wherever possible, try to title images and add 'Alt' tags.

Internal Website Links

Ensure that you NO broken links. It's surprising how many websites suffer from this and it affects high listings in SERPs.

External links

When you link to other websites, ensure that they offer reciprocal links. text links are best!

Search engine submission.

When you finally optimise your website and offer it up to the major search engines, don't expect instant results! It can takes months to appear in SERPs and even then it could take further months to ' tweak ' your website to full optimisation. Don't overlook smaller search engines, these are great tools to get your website listed and usually the all link back to the main one!

Black hat search engine optimisation.

Black hat search engine optimisation is the darker side of search engine optimisation. It uses underhand methods of website optimisation. Fortunately, the search engine software (algorithms) have become aware of such practices and it can lead to a complete ban of your website which is not what you want to achieve.

Finally, do some research and find out about internet website search engine optimisation, promotion and marketing on the internet and you will soon be armed with enough knowledge to optimise any website you choose.


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