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SEO-Management - Website Search Engine Submission

Gone are the days when free search engine submission was commonplace! Many of the important search engines now charge for inclusion. However, all is not lost as Google still accepts your website but you must make sure it is well optimised, otherwise it will not appear high in the SERPs.

Again, many well known search engines use Google as their major data source so it is not uncommon to eventually find your website being listed by them in their search results but it certainly takes time. Up to a year is not uncommon!

You have to decide whether it would be financially viable to go for 'Paid Inclusion' or simply stick it out and wait for your website to appear in the various SERPs. listings on Google can be as short as 6 weeks which not so bad, but still not good enough if you're in a hurry!

Start by adding your website to Google and then the smaller search engines and directories.

The problem with free search engine submission ( except Google ) is that you have to give your email address when submitting and this usually involves receiving mounds of spam emails. You can overcome this by having a special email address for this purpose.

Don't use active email links on your website as web crawlers troll websites looking for live email links and then you are doomed to a life of hell from these b*******s. We have all fallen prey to this so don't let anyone tell you differently!

Any exposure of your website is good news, so get your sleeves rolled up and get submitting.


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