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Once full website search engine optimisation has been reached and high page ranking has been achieved, the next step is to market your website further to achieve even greater visitors, who will hopefully turn into customers if that is your intention.

Website Marketing and Promotion may for instance, take the form of search engine advertising where you pay a small fee each time a visitor clicks the link to your website that has shown up in the SERPs related to specific key words or phrases you have elected to be the search term for potential customers.

Supposing you own a car rental business in London, then your key words/phrases would be ' car rentals' + 'London'. You could also add the term ' car hire' so you should cover most searches carried out in the London area for car rentals or hire! The above comes under the umbrella of  'Pay Per Click' or PPC.

The fees for PPC can be very low but you have to remember that they can soon add up so be very careful not to exceed your budget! Where there is great competition for certain key words or phrases, some search engine companies actually allow you to bid against (or outbid) your competitors to achieve higher listing of your PPC advertisements.

As with any company, advertising should be a fixed budget and not exceeded and the return must justify the outlay. Website marketing and promotion is the perfect companion for website search engine optimisation.

There are numerous methods of internet advertising and surprisingly, they need not cost anything!

Listings on any of the many thousands of 'directories' can help, many of which are free and often overlooked!

Direct listings can be paid for listings on many of the top search engines but this doesn't guarantee first page placing in the SERPs.

Many of the well known search engines rely upon Google for their info, so a listing in Google is of paramount importance.

We at SEO-Management will endeavour to find the most appropriate and cost efficient method(s) of website marketing and promotion to increase your website traffic.