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About SEO-Management.

SEO-Management is a new business dedicated to providing a professional search engine optimization service to website owners who need to achieve high search engine placement / page rankings in the SERPs of the high level search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo etc:, at genuinely affordable prices.

There are numerous search engine optimization companies some of which are without doubt, successful. However, the costs that these companies charge can be prohibitive to small businesses, particularly if they are new to the internet. By charging realistic fees for our services, we can put  website optimisation and promotion within most businesses' reach.

We at SEO-Management can provide the search engine optimisation service these smaller businesses require, as well as meeting the  larger company's search engine optimization requirements and their website optimization and marketing.

Unlike many companies which advertise on the internet, implying that your website can have first page search engine placement virtually overnight, we do not make such exaggerated claims! This, as any respected search engine optimization company specialist will tell you, is just not achievable and that it can take several months to achieve high placement in  SERPs.

Our experience in website optimization is based on computer knowledge gained since the mid 1980's and comes from hard work and learning and not just from a few theory books.

You can be assured that we will give your business and website the very best attention to detail to ensure high page ranking on all major search engines.

Tony Stephenson (CEO)