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SEO-Management Website Optimisation methods

Before we proceed to apply search engine optimisation to your website, we will have given you a full written search engine optimisation report for you to digest and act upon.

The first thing we will look at is the 'Home Page'. This is the page, which is your flagship and deserves absolute priority as it should contain the primary information for your website and website optimisation.

Briefly: Contrary to website designers, the home page should NOT be all singing and all dancing. The best home page is the one where it has little or no superfluous graphics, flash links etc: whatsoever.

Hopefully you will have noted that this website has no graphics - this is no accident!

Irrespective of whether the home page has perfect website search engine optimisation, it has to load quickly to keep your visitor from moving on because he or she can't wait for the page to load. I have to admit that when I visit a new website, if it takes too long to load, I simply move on as it annoys me intensely. You have also to remember that not all visitors have Broadband! Many are still using 'Dial Up' which very slow by comparison. So the moral of the story is keep the Home Page with as much text and as little graphics as possible. The flashy look can come later in the website if that is what you want!

Again, it's no good filling the home page with lots of text if it is not relevant, so ensure that all the home page text  contains which will be picked up by search engine spiders! (Spiders are software from search engines which crawl through you website to gather information for their data-bases).

Once we have optimised the Home page, we will then look at the rest of the website to see where we can improve optimisation.

Each page can then be optimised to present more options of being picked up in search engines for specific  key words or key phrases.

As a client of SEO-Management, you have the choice to either continue with full website optimisation, which is obviously preferable to complete the full website optimisation or, stop at any point because of budget restrictions.

Whichever route you choose for your website optimisation, you can be assured of our total commitment!