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SEO-Management Services - Search engine optimisation.

Primarily, the function of our company is to provide the optimisation of websites, both large and small with search engine optimisation obviously being the primary function.

We can however, as well as website search engine optimisation, offer complete website construction as well as the rebuilding of selected web pages to achieve high SERPs website placement and promotion.

We also offer consultancy and advice in collaboration with your webmaster on how to achieve higher page ranking for your website and can provide a complete website optimisation inventory to help you achieve the highest possible search engine page ranking for your website.

We offer both partial or total website optimisation depending on your needs and budget.

If you decide to choose our search engine optimisation strategy, we will offer you the following:-

After we have done an initial analysis of your website we will give you:-

  • Search engine ranking for specific key words & phrases in the major search engines.

  • We will analise your website key word and key phrase density

  • Analise all your website Meta tags to improve search engine optimisation (seo)

  • Look at your main competitor (s) ranking and key word density and general optimisation

  • Compile a list of seo improvements for your website to gain advantage over competitors.

  • Compile a list of key words and key phrases to improve search engine optimisation ranking

  • Provide you with a full written report on all of the above.

    If you then decide to continue using our website search engine optimisation:-

  • We will advise/collaborate or carry out restructuring elements of your web page construction

  • Write or re-write / edit  your website Meta-Tags including Title, Content, Keywords etc;

  • Optimise website page links and all html coding, links etc:

  • We will assist with adding suitable links to improve ranking

  • We will provide ongoing 'tweaking' to ensure full optimisation has been fully achieved

We will assist with further search engine marketing (SEM)

The choice is yours, we are simply here to help and you can start right now by following the contact us link by the side of this page.